Fast Forward
Web3 to Web5

SigWorld aims to deliver secure and reliable inter-DID communication to all Web2 and Web3 users.


Features You Care

a deep fusion of Web3 messaging and token flow

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Web3 Messaging
E2EE token-gated messaging with high-reachability, with customizable message billing and settlement mechanism.
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Token Exchange
Free OTC transfer and exchange of crypto tokens and live smart contract interaction in chat sessions.
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DAO Collaboration
Instant DAO assembling and management, announcement, on-chain voting, authorization & token offering.


Common Questions & Answers

Have questions we haven't answered yet? Please contact us!

SigWorld is a token-gated decentralized inter-DID network protocol, featuring inter-DID secure messaging, token exchange within chat sessions and DAO collaboration.

Web3 users have to switch between lots of helper apps and tools for routine work. SigWorld aims to build a spam-free permissionless, web3-native communication and collaboration platform to relieve users from such disturbing switchings.



Step by step, we #BUIDL for you and DAO communities.

  1. Messaging Demo

    Feature and UX Design; Desktop Application with Wallet Messaging, Message Forensics and Verification Support; MetaMask Wallet Connection.

  2. Token Swap

    E2EE Support; Layer 1 Crypto Trading; Layer 2 Token & NFT Swapping; SigWorld Protocol Testnet.

  3. Decentralized Gaming

    Decentralized gaming showcase; Postal Node Recruitment.

  4. Layer 2 Testnet

    Decentralized Storage Support; SigWorld protocol deployment on L2 networks;

  5. Protocol Beta Release

    Postage Token Deployment on Ethereum Mainnet; Postage NFT on Ethereum Testnet.

Paradise for Communities
Oasis for Crypto Finance

Take back control over messaging and tokens, build DAO the way you want, meet Web3 gurus who "Walk the Talk".

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SigWorld is in its early stage. Try out the demo to take a glimpse of what we can do.

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